CBD Shower & Bath Bomb – 400mg CBD


A proprietary blend of CBD Oil and Essential Oils designed to help you recover and free yourself of muscle soreness and joint pain.

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Add an extra measure of relaxation and pain relief to your bath or shower with CBD Shower and Bath Bombs. Simply drop one of our CBD Shower and Bath Bombs in your bath or on the floor in your shower, and let the combination of CBD infusion oil and essential oils diffuse through the bathwater or fume through the steam in your shower.

As the CBD and essential oils flow throughout the bath or disseminate in a steamy shower, you will notice the calming effects that come from the CBD oil as well as a proprietary combination of essential oils. Oils can effectively relax your mind and body through both absorption and inhalation. As fumes from the combination of oils are emitted from the steam of a warm bath or shower, you can inhale them and feel a level of relaxation wash over you. While in the bath, the oils will disperse throughout the warm bathwater and absorb through your skin to allow for a localized feeling of relaxation. This makes CBD Shower and Bath Bombs effective on achy muscles and joints.

Reduce anxiety and depression with the calming effects that come with CBD. As the active ingredient in our bath and shower bombs, CBD has been shown to activate the serotonin centers in your brain. These serotonin receptors are involved in actively treating anxiety and depression, so you can enjoy the therapeutic nature of CBD Shower and Bath Bombs without the laundry list of side effects that come with medications to treat anxiety or depression individually.

Whether you’re looking for daily, weekly, or monthly pain relief, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that come with our CBD Shower and Bath Bombs. Change your bath or shower forever with CBD bath bombs and order yours today.