CBD Infusion Testimonials

We stand by our products because we use them, but when our customers tell us how they have impacted them we really get excited. Here are a few of the amazing reviews of our products left by real customers from all walks of life. Whether you're an athlete, a Great Grandmother, or even a screenwriter (yes, really), our CBD Infused products can do wonders for you. But don't take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about us below:

April Jorgensen - 2018 Worlds Masters IWF Olympic Weightlifting Qualifier

"I use CBD Infusion Cream a lot on my shoulders. I find that this is a place where I hold a lot of stress. I feel like it sends a message to my muscles to calm down and so I get a lot of relief. I would recommend WOD Relief to all of my friends that work out because I like that it’s all natural and the healing properties are enormous."

April Jorgenson
2018 Worlds Masters IWF Olympic Weightlifting Qualifier
Dallin Pepper - Crossfit Games Fittest Teen on Earth 2017-2018

"CBD Infusion Cream plays a big, big role in my recovery. I use it every single night and I noticed the biggest difference when I wake up the next day I’m not as sore as I should be. I would recommend CBD Infusion to anyone that doe anything active. It can just help out with any aches or pains or any soreness."

Dallin Pepper
CrossFit Games Fittest Teen on Earth 2017 - 2018
Tineill Rummage - Massage Therapist

“As a massage therapist, I am always on the lookout for a good topical muscle cream to use on my clients. as well as myself. The smell is amazing. My clients could feel the effects of the heating and cooling immediately. I could feel their muscles actually soften. My clients love it, I LOVE it! CBD Infusion is a great product!”

TiNeill Rummage
Massage Therapist
Phil Hudson - CBD Infusion Customer

"CBD Infusion is a game changer. My back and shoulders get sore from sitting at my desk all day. Whether I'm writing on my laptop, sitting on set, or working with editors in post I used to get extremely tight muscle pains. Not since I started using CBD Infusion. This stuff works!"

Phil Hudson
Phil Hudson - CBD Infusion Customer

“This product has surpassed my expectations of a typical CBD topical cream. For exercise related aches and pains this stuff is magic. Within 15 minutes of application the pain subsides and usually will go away completely if I have a knotted or overworked muscle. Additionally, it’s helped tremendously with the pain in my neck that I’ve had for years due to spinal issues. It helps me the regain the time I would’ve lost being too much in pain to be productive.”

Erika Snyder
San Jose State, Biology Major
Jennifer Snyder - Executive Assistant

“I absolutely love CBD Infusion products. The quality of the products are excellent. I used the CBD Oil roll on for a headache. It started working instantly. It was soothing, calming and definitely a better alternative to an OTC. The aromatherapy of the products are also beneficial. They smell amazing and they work! I will definitely use more of these products."

Jennifer Snyder
Executive Assistant
"I use the cream on my legs after long runs. My legs are pain-free shortly after, and I can enjoy my day without feeling sore as my muscles recover."
Mike Repp
Showrunner's Assistant

“I am not an athlete but have used CBD Infusion on my sore muscles and kinked neck quite a bit. The benefits have been fantastic and I love how fast it relaxes my tight muscles and tension in my body.”

Judy Guymon
Great Grandmother