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Thank you for considering Get CBD Infusion as a partner for your media needs. Below, you’ll find all the essential information about our blog and audience demographics.

About Get CBD Infusion

Get CBD Infusion is a leading online platform dedicated to providing informative and engaging content about CBD and vaping. With a focus on education, wellness, and community, we strive to be a trusted resource for individuals seeking reliable information in the rapidly evolving CBD industry.

Audience Demographics

Our audience consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds, ranging from CBD newcomers to seasoned enthusiasts. They are typically health-conscious individuals interested in exploring alternative wellness solutions and staying informed about the latest trends in CBD and vaping.

Age Range: 18-55+

Gender: Predominantly male (60%) and female (40%)

Location: Primarily United States, with a growing international audience

Interests: Health and wellness, alternative medicine, lifestyle, cannabis culture

Content Offerings

Get CBD Infusion offers a variety of content formats to cater to different preferences and interests:

Informative Articles

Comprehensive guides, how-to’s, and informative pieces covering various aspects of CBD and vaping.

Product Reviews

Unbiased reviews of CBD products, vape devices, and accessories to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Expert Interviews

Interviews with industry experts, healthcare professionals, and influencers to provide insights and perspectives on CBD and vaping.

Partnership Opportunities

We offer various partnership opportunities to brands and organizations interested in collaborating with us:

Sponsored Content

Collaborate with us to create custom sponsored articles or videos tailored to your brand and target audience.

Product Reviews

Feature your CBD products or vape devices in our honest and thorough product reviews.


Explore advertising opportunities, including banner ads, sponsored placements, and newsletter sponsorships.

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